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Time to become an Entreployee?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

An entreployee is a portmanteau – it is a mishmash of two words, “entrepreneur” and “employee.”

The generally accepted meaning is when employees who work dynamically and contribute to the company from 9-to-5 are also active entrepreneurs beyond 5 pm.

This coined word, while it may sound new to many people, has been floating around among tech-savvy individuals and top companies since 2003, as the transformation of society towards a ‘self-entrepreneurial workforce.’

It means having the attitude or mindset of an entrepreneur without the position. You simply need to embody the traits of an entrepreneur – taking strategic risks, being proactive, having a problem-solving mindset, and being creative and innovative.

If you consider yourself to be an entreployee, you usually focus on looking for opportunities to be of value in two areas:

1) your employer and,

2) your own business.

You do not diminish your value in the workplace but at the same time, you also have your own set of job opportunities, usually done over the internet. These two work experiences do not clash with each other. In fact, they are mutually beneficial, creating an individual with enriched experiences and better skills.

About the authors:

Madur & Anitha Jagannath are certified Nutrition Consultants, in addition to their professions in technology and human resources. When Madur started feeling lethargic and slowing down, he started exercising regularly, became conscious of healthy eating habits and nutrition. He is an avid runner and does half-marathons often. At Voyage to Wellness, they attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships they have developed throughout the years. They believe in health & wellness and being fit, at all stages of people's lives.

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